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At CompSource, we carry 8,734 network and communication and a diverse stock of other computing and electronic needs. We handle over 700 phone calls and 1,200 Internet customers a day! With this purchasing power we are able to receive the lowest possible prices from over 1,100 vendors and pass that savings on to you.

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Network and Communication
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1801 Integrated Services Router CISCO1801MK9RF1801 Integrated Services Router CISCO1801MK9RF
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1921 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO1921K91921 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO1921K9
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1941 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO1941K91941 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO1941K9
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1941W Wireless Integrated Services Router CISCO1941WCK91941W Wireless Integrated Services Router CISCO1941WCK9
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2801 Integrated Services Router CISCO2801HSECK9RF2801 Integrated Services Router CISCO2801HSECK9RF
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2801 Voice Bundle CISCO2801VK92801 Voice Bundle CISCO2801VK9
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2821 Router with Voice Bundle CISCO2821SRSTK92821 Router with Voice Bundle CISCO2821SRSTK9
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2901 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO2901K92901 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO2901K9
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2911 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO2911K92911 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO2911K9
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3825 Integrated Services Router CISCO3825DCRF3825 Integrated Services Router CISCO3825DCRF
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3845 Integrated Services Router CISCO3845DCRF3845 Integrated Services Router CISCO3845DCRF
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3925 Integrated Service Router CISCO3925HSECK9RF3925 Integrated Service Router CISCO3925HSECK9RF
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3925 Router C1CISCO3925K93925 Router C1CISCO3925K9
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3945E Integrated Services Router CISCO3945ESECK9RF3945E Integrated Services Router CISCO3945ESECK9RF
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3945E Router Chassis C1CISCO3945EK93945E Router Chassis C1CISCO3945EK9
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4331 Router C1CISCO4331K94331 Router C1CISCO4331K9
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4431 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO4431K94431 Integrated Services Router C1CISCO4431K9
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4K Ultra HD 4x4 Matrix Switcher DVDOMATRIX444K Ultra HD 4x4 Matrix Switcher DVDOMATRIX44
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4xem 2x8 Port HDMI SplitterSwitcher Supports 3D 4K/2K 4XHDMI2X84K4xem 2x8 Port HDMI SplitterSwitcher Supports 3D 4K/2K 4XHDMI2X84K
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4XEM Wireless 200M HDMI Extender4XEM Wireless 200M HDMI Extender
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But saving money is just the tip of the iceburg. We know that if providing our customers with quick answers to unexpected questionsis paramount when it comes to computing. At CompSource, you'll find those answers. At CompSource we strive for accurate, on-time shipping of every one of these network and communication utilizing our state-of-the-art, highly automated warehouse in an effort to get products to you faster and more efficiently. You can complete your purchase with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card as well as electronically with Paypal, Google Checkout or Amazon. CompSource Inc. has an A+ ranking from the Better Business Bureau and multiple customer service awards from respected reviewers like eKomi,, and STELLA Service. Check out our customer testimonials and see for yourself! With over 200,000 name brand computer hardware and software products, CompSource wants to be your #1 electronics and computing supplier, so buy now!

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WoW! (Reviewed by: Cliff D)

I ordered my A4000 on Wednesday afternoon, and it was at my door by Thursday afternoon... And that's with the free ground shipping! Wow! I mean, I just got the shipping confirmation email today... The day after I received my order! Well done! I'm currently loving my new air purifier. Many thanks!

Excellence (Reviewed by: ramitez)

Excellent is all I can say, site was easy to use, price was within range and the free shipping got the product there before I expected it.

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